The different types of BBQ Grills

Grilling is a wonderful way to enjoy quality time together. Grilling has been a favorite pastime for many years because it gives the food a whole new flavor that is impossible to obtain from any other method of cooking. It’s perfect for family get-togethers and a great way to entertain friends.

Some people consider grilling as an art. They have their own special way of seasoning and cooking the foods to bring out the flavors they love. Each cook has a particular type of BBQ grill they prefer using. There are basically three types of BBQ grills available.

Types of BBQ Grills

Technology has made it possible to enjoy three types of BBQ grills that come in a variety of sizes and styles:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Gas
  3. Electric

There are many differences between the three types of BBQ grills and knowing a little about each one will help you determine which type would be the best for you.

The charcoal is the oldest type of BBQ grill and is the most popular for its ability to produce a great smoky, charcoal taste. These grills come in a variety of sizes and can be moved around easily. Charcoal BBQ grills are used on beaches, at family reunions, parks, and campgrounds. Add wood chips for a deep smoke flavor for all your favorite meats.

The gas grill is fuelled mostly by propane, but some of the newer models are designed to be used with natural gas. Either type of fuel is very efficient but the propane is more versatile than natural gas. Many of the gas BBQ grills come with added features such as the rotisserie, side burners, and extra racks for buns.

The electric grill provides an even way to cook and you have more control over the temperature. These grills come with thermostats; you simply turn a knob and start cooking—they are fast and easy to use. Many models also have extra storage space built in.

Basic Information

Regardless of which type of BBQ grill you choose to use, it is important to take care of it and maintain it properly in order to increase the life of your BBQ grill. Make sure that you take the time to properly clean your BBQ grill after each use. Perform regular maintenance checks to make sure everything is working correctly and store it in a clean, dry area when not in use.

Following these steps will ensure that your BBQ grill is always ready when you are in the mood for a cookout. Have a great time enjoying delicious foods with family and friends at your next outing.