BBQ FAQs, Glossary, and Quick Tips

Here are some frequently asked questions, definitions, and quick tips that commonly crop up when barbequing. Barbecue Pit This is a hole in the ground with wood coals, over which a grill or rack to hold meat is placed for barbecuing. It is often made of brick or masonry for containing the coals over which …

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Top Tips for Cleaning your BBQ or Smoker

top tips for cleaning your bbq

Cleaning your BBQ, grill or smoker is no fun. Ok, now that we agree and have gotten that out of the way, let’s see why it’s important to do it anyway. Then we can examine how to do it as painlessly as possible. Most food will expel grease and carbonize to some degree in a …

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Maintaining and cleaning your BBQ Grill

maintaining and cleaning your bbq grill

Maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of any item, including BBQ grills. How many times have you had to replace your grill because it just doesn’t work properly anymore or because it began to rust or started to appear old and worn out? With proper maintenance, you can eliminate these problems. If you …

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The BBQ – a great outdoor festival

Friends having a BBQ

Barbecuing brings to mind sunny days, delicious odors, and fine food eaten in good company. You’ve chosen a day to relax and impress your friends and family with fine cooking skills. You can enjoy an experience that at least in many parts of the country is only available for a few months. Make the most …

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BBQ Steak Cuts and Barbeque Style

When you fire up the barbeque your goal is often to cook a fine piece of meat. You’ll prepare a fine sauce and monitor the procedure carefully to ensure the best outcome. But that result is only possible if you start with a great chunk of beef. Here are some tips on how to recognize …

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Three steps to a perfect BBQ

When you’ve prepared your meat and vegetables, it’s time to start cooking. Three simple to carry out steps can give you a great barbeque. Barbeque, to a purist, means slow cooking. That often involves using a smoker, or at least a large grill with a good lid and areas where you can separate the food …

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